Ruchi is a skilled in vitro and in vivo scientist, leading efforts in CVMD and tissue-targeting technologies for antibodies, and with experience in cancer vaccines and infectious diseases. She thinks on her feet and comes to MedImmune with a variety of scientific talents.

Ruchi received her PhD in BioChemistry & Biophysics from Stony Brook University and did her dissertation on the study of factors affecting amylin fibril formation and the characterization of a protein to prevent amyloidogenesis. During postdoctoral training at Rockefeller University in the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, she discovered a unique Ca2+ binding protein, which can inhibit and disaggregate the amyloid fibrils of Aβ42 and tau involved in AD, hIAPP implicated in T2D and a-synuclein associated with PD. She has a patent on the engineered protein that shows the anti-amyloidogenic activity.

Today, Ruchi is a leading scientist at MedImmune, designing therapeutic strategies based on protein/peptide-based inhibitors against type 2 diabetes and helping with our cardiovascular programs. She developed the pIgR technology to target antibodies to lungs and is now working on caveolae- mediated targeting for lungs, kidneys and tumors. She also brings expertise in GPCR signaling pathways and regulation of G-protein signaling cascade through her work with Yale, Weill Cornell, Stony Brook and Pfizer to lead the project from discovery to patents. Ruchi also has been the Chief Coordinator for the MedImmune seminar series Science Matters from 2012 to 2015, and Science Fair co-lead since 2013.


Leads NUCB1 therapeutic protein project for type 2 diabetes, and invents antibody delivery technology for targeted delivery of new and existing drugs to lungs, kidneys and tumors.

MedImmune: Global Excellence Award winner for Enterpreneur of the Year (2014) for pIgR-based technology for targeted delivery of therapeutics to the lungs.

Rockefeller University: Discovery of a Unique biologic to treat amyloid based diseases including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), type 2 diabetes (T2D) and Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Center for Therapeutic Innovations, Pfizer: Won the grant for Novel biologics-based proposal for T2D proof of mechanism studies, patient stratification, biomarker selection and preclinical/clinical testing.

Featured Publications

Targeted delivery of antibodies to the lung using polymeric Ig receptor mediated technology

Ruchi Gupta, Jack Borrok, Nurten Beyaz, Antonio DiGiandomenico, Arnita Barnes, Ping Tsui and Michael McCarthy (in process)


Nucleobindin 1 and its Engineered Mutant Inhibit Aβ42 Aggregation and Disaggregate Aβ42 Fibrils into Non-toxic Species

Ruchi Gupta, Neeraj Kapoor, Daniel P. Raleigh, Thomas P. Sakmar (in submission)


Nucleobindin 1 Caps Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Protofibrils to Prevent Amyloid Fibril Formation

Ruchi Gupta, Neeraj Kapoor, Daniel P. Raleigh, Thomas P. Sakmar J. Mol Biol. 2012; 421(2-3): 378-89.


Nucleobindin 1 Is a Calcium-regulated Guanine Nucleotide Dissociation Inhibitor of Gαi1

Ruchi Gupta, Neeraj Kapoor, Santosh T. Menon, Ewa Folta-Stogniew, Daniel P. Raleigh, Thomas P. Sakmar, J. Biol. Chem. 2010; 285:31647-60.


Strategies for Extracting Structural Information from 2D IR Spectroscopy of Amyloid: Application to Islet Amyloid Polypeptid

David B. Strasfeld, Yun L. Ling, Ruchi Gupta, Daniel P. Raleigh, Martin T. Zanni, J. Phys. Chem. B., 2009;113(47): 15679-91.


Two-dimensional IR spectroscopy and isotope labeling defines the pathway of amyloid formation with residue-specific resolution

Sang Hee Shim, Ruchi Gupta, Daniel P. Raleigh and Martin T. Zanni. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 2009; 106(16): 6614-9.


The Fluorescent Amino Acid p -Cyanophenylalanine Provides an Intrinsic Probe of Amyloid Formation

Peter Marek, Ruchi Gupta, Daniel P. RaleighChemBioChem, 2008; 9(9): 1372-4.


Aromatic Interactions Are Not Required for Amyloid Fibril Formation by Islet Amyloid Polypeptide but Do Influence the Rate of Fibril Formation and Fibril Morphology

Peter Marek, Andisheh Abedini, Benben Song, Mandakini Kanungo, Megan E. Johnson, Ruchi Gupta, Warda Zaman, Stanislaus S. Wong, Daniel P. Raleigh. Biochemistry, 2007; 46(11):3255-61. Biochemistry, 2007; 46(4): 1013- 21.


Mutational Analysis of the Folding Transition State of the C-Terminal Domain of Ribosomal Protein L9: A Protein with an Unusual β-Sheet Topology

Ying Li, Ruchi Gupta, Jaehyun Cho, Daniel P. Raleigh

Awards and Honors


Global Excellence award


Runner-up CEO award


Director’s Award


MedImmune Shark Tank top 5 idea winner (2015). The idea she proposed has entered into $420 million deal between Vertex and CRISPR


Global Excellence Award for Entrepreneur of the Year


MedImmune 3Rs Award “Molecular BioImaging to Enhance Science and Reduce Animal Use”


Science Fair Logo Designer Award


Top 5 scientific idea winner in AstraZeneca innovation 2 invent (i2i) contest


Directors Award, MedImmune

It’s an honor to be a part of an organization that values and pursues innovation, and that gives its scientists freedom to invent disruptive technologies and novel therapeutics to keep MedImmune at the leading edge.

Ruchi Gupta Scientist II, Cardiovascular/Metabolic Diseases (CVMD)

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